About Originate Recordings

Originate [Music Group] is an events organisation & record label specialising in Future Oldskool, Jungle, Techno, Drum & Bass & Experimental genres. We have a whole host of talented artists signed to the label including Absent, Kosine, Morphy, Voytek, East Court, Context, X-Nation, Relapse, Theory, Nolige, Pilgrim, Mystery, Classified Material & Double O. Originally releasing digital releases through www.dto4music.co.uk back in 2009, now we have a re-launched our website www.originaterecordings.co.uk focusing on raw underground music, reissuing past releases along with a massive range of new music [exclusively on the web] also using the site to showcase our latest events in the UK.

Since the early 2000's Originate have run a successful regular club night in Brighton bringing some of the best DJ's, Producers, VJ's & Legendary crews delivering an athletic atmosphere to each and every event, artists we have worked with include: 4 Hero, Randall, Top Buzz, Hyper-On Experience, Ray Keith, Dj Ink, Doc Scott, Skitty, Nolige, Krome & Time, Data, Antidote, Morphy, Theory, Invisible Man, Shut Up & Dance, Ratty, Nookie, Modular & Outrage, Cool Hand Flex, Ellis Dee, Double O & Mantra to name a few!

Now in 2015/16 Originate continue to create a new and interesting vibe driving non stop fun & energy to each event with upfront underground music from Acid House, Oldskool, Nuskool, Jungle, Jungle Tekno, Techno & Drum & Bass, we feel passionate about what we do and really want to express this not only with music but by creating a total experience when you come along to our events.

We create large-scale bespoke art projects throughout the year adapting the set every time via visuals, backdrops, lighting, props, installations & projections to create & originate! please be sure to explore our article's section were you can find up to date events, competitions, music, art, photos & downloads. Shout to all the DJ's, producers, artists & creators making Originate such a special place in the Oldskool, Jungle & Drum & Bass scene.

We really look forward to hearing your comments ;] be sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter full of all things 'Originate' to keep you up to date, we would love to see your comments & questions, please use our contact form to leave originate a message and we will reply. Thanks for reading.. Respect to the Original Hardcore Junglism Crew!

Originate [Music Group]