Morphy / Dubmonger

Morphy / Dubmonger

"Known for his innovative dubby sound and authentic production style, Morphy has carved a niche for himself in the drum'n'bass world with releases on labels such as Function, Nerve, Direct and Urban Takeover. Drawing influences from jungle, dub, reggae and most things in between Morphy has developed a unique sound over the years which has seen many a dancefloor quake to its foundations. Taking the template of drum'n'bass but approaching it from a different direction Morphy creates a sonic platter of twisted jungle breaks, half-time d'n'b rhythms, dubwise basslines and rolling percussion set to make any dancefloor bubble in skanked out delight, now moving out of the Drum & Bass/Jungle genre you can find Morphy as Dubmonger working on experimental dub influenced projects"

Be sure to check out of his last massive remix in Jungle/Drum & Bass, in collaboration with Meth of Kosine's "Pure Shot A Lick" released exclusively at Originate in 2013.

Kosine, Morphy & Meth - "One From The Vaults EP"



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