Artist Name : Pilgrim

Production Style : J-Tek / Jungle / Oldskool

Biography :

Pilgrim first started DJ’ing back in 1987. Back then, Pilgrim was a hip-hop scratch DJ using 2 copies of the same record to do loads of trickery like using his nose, knees or elbows to work the cross fader and generally scratching records up beyond recognition, which later became one of his specialties from his Hip Hop years.

After a while DJ Pilgrim found the music in hip-hop had started to change to slow gangster rap whilst at the same time the rave scene had started to grow. As he got more used to the rave sound, he liked what he heard as the music was uplifting, energetic and everyone into the music seemed so happy, which is what hip-hop used to have. so at that point Pilgrim made the decision to switch over to play what is now known as hardcore.

DJ’s that used to inspire Pilgrim from those early days where those that mixed it up, which came from his years as a hip hop scratch DJ. So whether it was in the way of cuttin, crossfading or doubling up the records, DJ’s he would listen to would be Hype, Sy, Mickey Finn, Ratty & Carl Cox.

Pilgrim’s first major event he played at came along because he had played at a few other clubs in the midlands so he was quite well known in the are, and a lot of his mix tapes had done the rounds so people knew about his mixing styles from his hip hop background. He became the resident at Quest because he and a few friends actually approached the club owners where Quest was held, as they were thinking of doing a night there themselves. Not long after approaching the owners, he got a call from them saying they were putting on a night and would like him to play, and that was the infamous 1st ever Quest night on Saturday 19th September 1991, Palomas, Wolverhampton, with Top Buzz, Rap & Pilgrim after which he became resident.

Soon after, Pilgrim became a household name across the UK in the 1992 - 93 era, as he played at some of this countries biggest and best parties such as Quest, Pandemonium, New Age, World Party, New Dawn, Blast, Dance Planet, Helter Skelter, Total Kaos, Infinity, Kinetic, Mind Blown, Bangin Tunes, Dreamscape, Amnesia House, Fibre Optic, Milwaukee's (Equinox), Dance Nation, Fantazia, Summer Dance Festival, Vision, Entropy, Obsession, Adrenalin, Inter Dance, The Edge, Starlight, Heaven On Earth, Zest, Vibealite, Dance Trance, Reincarnation, Devotion, Innersense, Fusion, Tribal Gathering, Perception, Phobia, The Pleasuredome, Frequency, Destiny, Fun-de-mental, Labrynth, Diehard, Southern Exposure, Rezurection, Ardshock, Asylum (Bowlers), AWOL, Warehouse (Doncaster), Uprising, The Drome (Birkenhead), Sutra, Sunrise, Spellbound, Double Dipped, Planet Earth, Origin, Hypnotic, Evolution, Distruxshion and many more but the biggest crowd he ever played to was the massive Fantazia at Castle Donnington with an estimated 40,000 people there at which he played on the main stage and played the midnight set.

When Pilgrim first started dj’ing he was able to be versatile, so his music appealed to a wide audience, but about 1993 he felt that the rave scene started to make a change for the worst as some of the music that was around at that time got very dark sounding and started to attract the moody element, whereas some of the music was happy & uplifting which he preferred as the crowds seemed to be friendly & more up for a party. This was a turning point in his career as he made the decision to play the happier, uplifting music as he preferred the up for it crowds but found it quite hard to shake off the label as a Jungle dj because were he came from, most of the clubs in the midlands catered for that style of music.

After a while the hardcore music went faster & harder and seemed to rip off all the old classics and cartoon themes, so he took a back seat from it all until about 1998 when he started playing more of the old original tunes from his favourite era for music which was 91-92, as there were so may class tunes about which to this very day still get played and still get a really good response, and at that point he started up his own old skool night in Wolverhampton called Reminiscence.

Not long after that Pilgrim hooked up with the guys from Flashback as they too, were ex old skool ravers, and were putting on small parties totally dedicated to the old skool classics. Since then the old skool scene has once again risen with all-nighters and club events all over the country dedicated to the music.

Pilgrim still plays out most weekends, mainly in the Midlands & up North, but the style he plays is the style he’s best known for which is the Old Skool Hardcore sounds of 1991 - 1993. You can normally catch him at illusion, Hardcore Till I Die, Rizzen, Absolute Old Skool, Flashback, Reminiscence, Slammin Vinyl + many more old skool events up & down the country.


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