Graff Pieces / Projects / Installs

Graff Pieces / Projects / Installs

Written by originate11 on 17-Dec-2015.

Various Projects made for Originate events from 2010-2015

Below: Originate [Mayan Moon] Created & Sprayed by Mogu, Art Direction: Kosine [Bonchurch Studios]

Below: Orignate [Totum] Created & Sprayed by Mogu, Sober & Art Direction by Kosine [Lewes, River Ouse & Bonchurch Studios]

Below Originate [Voodoo Mask] - Wire, Paper Mache & Things Gathered by Kosine at Bonchurch Studios for event with Data, Morphy. Theory & The Invisible Man

Below: Originate [Solar System Set] Live visuals performed by Dual at 4hero @ Originate, Brighton.

Captured granular video manipulated through CCTV monitor. Layered and Sequenced on Resolume.

Link to Visuals:

Other Visuals by Dual:


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